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Be Fearless

The romance of the traveler is not in the wild places of the world. It’s in the wilderness of spirit. It makes no difference where it takes you. The importance lies in the road you took to get there. The road you choose moves us closer.

Be Curious

Travel can drive us to step outside the ordinary. It compels us to tap into our curiosity and seek out new horizons. But the real magic of the journey is more than the exhilaration of crossed borders. Experiences become part of our being.

Be Kind

Let humanity and beauty overflow. Allow the sun to fall upon your face and warm your soul with new experiences. Let the wind guide you. Fall in love with your surroundings and enjoy each individual moment for the richness of the ride.

Consider GeoVisions the guiding light of your travel dream.

GeoVisions seven point star

Everybody wants their shot at a great overseas experience, but that dream can be cut short by a variety of obstacles. Work, money, timing, relationships and more. We talk to people everyday who are frustrated with those obstacles. When you speak with anyone at GeoVisions, you will discover that we have many plans and ideas for you to noodle on. Our job is to light the way and clear the path to a new exciting place.

So your dream lives on to shine another day!

Empowerment Within


You are needed now, more than ever before.

Please fill out the short form here, and someone from our experienced staff will be in touch with you quickly. And what do we mean by "experienced?" Our newest employee just celebrated her 6th year with us. Our friends and family have gone on GeoVisions programs.

It's very simple:

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We want to listen to your hopes and dreams for making life better for your host community and for you. It gets us through our day. And we love to talk about options, so that you have nothing in your way of designing your future.

The future you deserve.

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